How to keep focussed at work

No matter how much you enjoy work or what industry you’re in, work can often be a stressful environment, with demands and deadlines to meet. Although everyone functions differently, many factors such as your surroundings and mindset can at times make it difficult to focus. Focus is key for problem solving, decision making, successfully completing tasks, and achieving goals.

With this is mind, it is essential to understand what effects isn’t it affects? The verbyour individual focus and how you can recharge your mind to ensure you are the best you can be at work.

Take regular breaks

Taking regular breaks at work is a very effective way of maintaining focus. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours will leave you uninspired and will most likely lead to a wandering mind. Going for short walks around the office to stretch your legs, talking to colleagues and having a quick trip to the kitchen to ensure you stay hydrated will all break the day up and leave you feeling more energized.

Organise yourself

Everyone organises themselves in different ways, and often lack of organisation leads to lack of focus. Keeping on top of tasks by writing to-do lists or using a calendar to create order can help you lay out what needs to be done so tasks can be completed one by one.

Work-Life balance

Creating the right balance for you with regards to your professional and personal life are important for maintaining a healthy wellbeing, which will inevitably lead to better focus. This means that once you have finished work, it is important that you switch off, relax and enjoy your social time in whichever way makes you happy. This will allow you to reload and be ready for your next day at work.

Sleep and Posture

Fatigue is certainly something which effects affects? focus. Having a minimum of 7 hours of good quality sleep will therefore have a huge positive impact on your concentration throughout the working day. In addition to this, sitting up straight at your desk and holding yourself in a confident way will increase motivation, help keep a positive mindset, and as a result increase productivity.

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