5 Observations of Wimbledon

Strawberries and cream. Sunshine. Murray Mound/Henman Hill. Tour de France.

It’s that time of year….Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world.

  1. One step at a time to realize your dream – as Boris Becker said during the coverage the coaches and players focus on the next game or the next practice, not on getting to the final. Because without mastering the next game or practice the final won’t happen.
  2. Be strategic, keep the bigger picture in mind – Roger Federer (whom I’m partial towards over Murray due to my Swiss days) intentionally skipped some tournaments this season in order to be as fit and rested as possible in an effort to win Wimbledon.
  3. Success requires a support team including a coach! Friends, family, massage therapist, physio/osteo/chiropractor, business manager and coach all combine to help a player succeed. Each member of the support team helps a different aspect of the player – emotional, financial, physical, intellectual and more.
  4. Be present, stay calm – a player can only react to the shot in the moment, assessing the serve or return shot, and using their years of training to make the appropriate move in the moment. Keeping cool despite the speed, spectators, heat, distractions, skill of the opponent, inner gremlins, fatigue and more.
  5. Strawberries and cream are in fact a lovely combination!