Signs You Need to Make Some Life Changes and Soon!

As we all know, going through life we can face many problems – some we know how to deal with head on, others we need a little help to overcome. Anne Taylor at DIRECTions coaching has helped many people over the years with life coaching to ensure that they’re able to separate the wood from the trees. These decisions can sometimes be affecting their personal lives, or their careers. If you’re experiencing some of these signs, maybe it’s time to look at making some positive changes.

Low Energy

The thought of change can sound exhausting – ultimately, you’ve stopped caring the way you used to. The way to get out of this is to start slow, take walks, get plenty of sleep, ensure you’re and drink as much water as possible. Living a life, which you consider to be meaningless can really suck the life out of you, andt it’s not the end, you can get that energy back.

Feeling Numb

So, does nothing excite you anymore? You don’t even remember the last time you seriously laughed aloud? Well, these little indicators are tell-tale signs that you’re not enjoying the life that you’re leading. Feeling numb is a sign that you’ve lost both passion and motivation to go forward. Ensure that you’re doing little things that you love more often, as they will help to revitalize your spirit.

Your environment has become toxic

Surrounding yourself with toxic people who are overly critical, either in work or in your personal life can create an incredibly negative environment. It’s almost impossible to be positive when your surroundings are constantly negative. Ensure that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people – and ask yourself: Do these people have the same passion for your friendship as you do? Look at who’s always been supportive of you, and who enhances your mood positively.

These are just a few ways in which you can come to the realisation that life changes are necessary, and certainly not limited to the three mentioned. If you feel that these describe your outlook on life, then do get in touch with Anne. If you feel your feelings are more profound consider therapy as well.

Anne Taylor of DIRECTions Coaching is a qualified coach, who works with leaders daily, to help improve their skills or to develop new ones. Anne has worked with some of the largest global organizations so has a huge amount of experience. If you feel like you could benefit from Anne’s years or experience, do not hesitate to get in contact on 020 3151 6830.