Coaching versus Training

Sometimes people ask me if I do training as I am a coach. No I don’t. I’m not a trainer.

Training is when clients are taught how to do a specific skill and behaviour. This can range from how to use excel, how to give engaging presentations, to running an effective meeting. Or someone can be trained on specific topics for example, book keeping within Finance and appraising performance in HR.

Coaching is when clients are supported in finding their own answers to specific topics that matter to them. For example, how do they want to be as they are leading their teams at work or how to feel more confident in preparation for a promotion.

Coaching can be used to support training. Training often happens in a workshop, classroom or on-line. Coaching can happen during the training or most often afterwards for assistance in taking the training from the theoretical classroom to the realities of the workplace. It’s one thing to learn how to give an impactful presentation in a role play situation (which is a good start). It’s another thing to put it into practice at your next sales meeting or town hall.

The key difference between Training and Coaching is that training requires a specific skill to be imparted by the trainer in a certain timeframe whereas coaching has no agenda or timeframe other than that defined by the client.

What training have you had that you would like to embed more in your daily life?