Characteristics of a Great Leader

People often say there are specific traits which make an effective leader. Anyone can be a “leader” however there are differences between those that are merely “good” and those that are great. Those that are great will possess characteristics which positively influence the people around them, will have focus and will be able to support a team in progressing towards a desired end goal.


An effective leader must possess a positive attitude. Everyone experiences ups and downs, however having the ability to see everything with an optimistic view is beneficial for the wellbeing of the leader and the team, uplifting the mood and creating a healthy working environment with a shared focus. Having a positive outlook is also a highly effective motivational tool, will build a more enjoyable working relationship, and as a result increase productivity.

Open Mindedness

Being close minded will always hinder progress. Having the ability to view things with an open mind is an extremely valuable characteristic, and one that many of the most successful leaders possess. An open mind shows a willingness to listen to others and take into consideration different viewpoints. This opens a leader and their team up to new experiences, allows creativity to naturally flow and means a team have the adaptability to always try new things.


Without effective communication, a team will not be able to function. On a public or group level, communication allows a leader to set goals, outline a plan and their expectations. On a personal level, communication tightens relationships by allowing colleagues to be open with one another, empathise and support each other, and as a result build trust.

As well as the above three characteristics, a leader will be passionate and this will be apparent in everything they do. This passion will not only create a stimulating working environment, it will also set the leader apart from other leaders who are merely “good”.

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