Client Success and Feedback for Me

I coached, facilitated and provided training to 3 different teams over the last year on team member and customer engagement. Those stores completed an anonymous evaluation last month for the programme and me as their coach.

Overall results were very positive with the exception of one respondent (either they didn’t appreciate me or the programme or they got the scoring system backwards 😉 ).

100% of respondents said I supported them in being more creative by sharing ideas and bright spots.

The majority scored me as 100% on helping them use various customer and employee data sets to deliver better results, better leader, establishing their goals and tracking their progress.

All these stores re-enrolled in this optional programme for next year.

Another piece of feedback has been the fact that one of those stores won as ‘One of the Best Stores to Work For’ in their industry based on their staff’s voting.

The company is committed to ensuring its employees are motivated and happy through a range of benefits, and promotes a positive workplace culture through:

·         Understanding that real improvement starts with a commitment from the top.

·         Defining their corporate values and living by them.

·         Hiring for team and cultural fit.

·         Evaluating productivity versus time served.

·         Embracing flexibility.

·         Hiring and promoting leaders who love what they do.

·         Placing trust and respect at the centre of all relationships.

·         Hosting Christmas dances for staff and their partners, and allows them to take some days as                duvet days with no prior notice. 

·         95% of staff receiving a monthly bonus based on customer satisfaction and/or department                    profitability.

·         Receiving annual recognition and long service awards.

The GM said to me after winning the award “Thank you for guiding us along the path that has led to this, much appreciated.”

What feedback can you celebrate?