Good Things That Happened This Week

  1. A young man quickly ascending the steps at the tube station 2 at a time, stopped, turned around, and helped a woman with a pram/baby carriage descending the steps.
  2. The female railway attendant helped an elderly lady who was lost.
  3. A woman on the tube helped an elderly couple sitting across from her – the man had fallen and had a fresh gash on his leg, she helped clean it up, put a tissue over it, kneeled and put his sock back on and then, when we entered the station, got the underground staff to call a paramedic.
  4. A man emptied the change in his pocket to a homeless man on the street.
  5. A paramedic roared along the street to tend to someone in need.
  6. A man gave up his seat on the crowded tube to a pregnant woman.
  7.  A client marked the milestone of losing 100lbs/ 7.14 stone.
  8. A trainer filled all vacancies in her workshop on vulnerability & daring to show up.
  9. A manicurist was excited going out on a first date with a fellow she met on-line.
  10. The water ran from the faucet, the lights came on when the switch was flicked, there was food on the grocery store shelves, the trains and tubes ran, the water was heated.
  11. A friend sent post cards from his trip to France to a variety of friends saying he was thinking of them.
  12. Eleven Fridays until Christmas (that’s for my brother!).
  13. Quite a few people celebrated their birthdays (you know who you are!).
  14. I received my postal referendum ballot for voting on my neighbourhood plan, democracy at work.
  15. Two young girls cycling past our hiking group were so polite when overtaking us, saying excuse us please, thank you, have a good day, so well mannered.


And more. What good things did you see or experience this week?