3 Ways your attitude could Determine your Career

Working with a coach can really bring out the best in you, particularly if you’ve become disinterested with your career. Perhaps, you’re looking for that new challenge, but struggling to really make that advancement to the next stage. Working together with Anne at DIRECTions coaching, you can really get a sense of what attitudes can determine the next steps in your career.

Allow adversity to work in your favour

Ok, so things are going a little harder than you expected? The job market is tough, finding that next step is perhaps harder than you had originally anticipated. The key to learning from adversity is focus, if you zoom in on the adverse circumstance, you’ll see no opportunity, however zoom out, and you’ll see that there are many – and some you may have to make for yourself. Take calculated risks, as adversity will make or break you – but it mainly reveals you.

Encourage peer feedback and define what makes you great

Too often in life, people rather tell you what you’d like to hear rather than give you honest feedback. This means, reviews from our bosses are sometimes delayed, due to the fact they are reluctant to discuss any honest issues which have arisen. However, this feedback can be crucial, particularly to accelerate your growth. Maybe it’s time to start asking your colleagues for honest feedback – ask them how you performed in a certain situation, what were your strengths and what were your weaknesses.

Enable yourself and your future

Quite simply, you are the one in control of your career. A one-to-one session can bring out the best in this, but you have to be your own influencing voice. The market place is constantly changing, which means new positions are being created to support the changing needs of your organization's business model. This means, it’s more important than even before that you need to enable yourself, don’t wait for others to do it for you.

Anne Taylor at DIRECTions coaching is a UK based coach specialising in executive, leadership, and life coaching, and has done so with many successful individuals and employees of multinational companies with demanding objectives. If you believe you could succeed with Anne’s help, then do not hesitate to give her a call on 020 3151 6830.