HO HO HO, Holy Overwhelm!

It’s that time of year.

25 sleeps until Christmas as I write this. <insert your exclamation of shock/dismay/panic here>

I have lots of work in the next 3 weeks – 3 courses at London Business School, coaching calls from my home office, new clients in Lille (France), 1:1 session in festive locations in Central London, final engagement visits to 2 stores in southwest England, handover of info to a coach taking over my Ford work and an associate information day.

I have reading, practice, homework, journaling and 4 conference calls for my leadership programme. See above article about the Holly Tribe.

I have my professional certification with ICF to renew.

I have 2 Christmas parties to celebrate – not my company party (it’s pretty quiet being just me and Kathryn).

I have 2 theatre shows to enjoy – a surprise for me and a surprise from me so no spoiler alerts here!

I have a hike day and spa day I hope to be able to retain with all of the above.

I have Christmas cards, gifts, decorating and baking to do – most needing to be ready earlier than the 25th in order to be sent abroad.

I’m grateful for the work as I am self-employed.

I’m grateful for the development.

I’m grateful for friends and fun activities.

I try and tell myself of all that as I feel overwhelmed looking at my back to back calendar entries.

And remind myself to stay in the moment, be present rather than just buying presents, so I enjoy it and not wish it away.

Today a friend said to me “Remember when we were kids and Christmas took so long to come. I want that time back!!!!!” How true.

What perspective would serve you as we enter the holiday season?