One-to-One Coaching

Anne Taylor has worked with many different professionals of different levels, all have been looking to achieve a different end goal. One-to-one coaching gives the client the chance to raise their game professionally and even bordering on personally. No matter how successful an individual, being stuck in a rut can always happen, and one-to-one coaching can really help to break out.

Feeling like you’re a long way from reaching your end goal is not uncommon. Whether that be looking to step into a new role, looking to manage people more efficiently, feeling like you don’t have enough time; the variations are infinite. Anne works personally with the individual to really gain a strong understanding, constantly asking the right questions in order to ensure the best outcome.

Coaching is designed around the individual, and focuses on the future rather than the past. Anne’s main focus is on enhancing the individual to be the best they can be going forward, rather than looking at things that have previously gone wrong.

To get the best results from one-to-one coaching, it is vital that the relationship between coach and client works both ways. The only way to gain serious momentum in your career moving forward is ensuring that you continue to take action and continue to grow.

The end result can lead to you feeling more confident, or finally separating the wood from the trees professionally, especially if it’s felt like you’ve been reaching a dead end for a while. Clients often praise the relationship they build with Anne, and continue to work on various different aspects, which all help to reach the desired end goal.

Anne Taylor at DIRECTions Coaching is a qualified coach, who works with leaders on a daily basis to hone their skills which they need feel development and will allow them to be better in the workplace. Anne can facilitate the progression with leaders and has done so extensively with directors in some of the largest global organisations. If you feel you could benefit from Anne’s years of experience, do not hesitate to get in contact on 020 3151 6830.