Who says nice guys finish last?

This is an update on the thought from December 2016 on the Good, the Bad and the Ugly abut customer service.

My Good story for those that might have missed it was about a company called Holloway of Ludlow – they sorted an issue (granted they created it) promptly, easily, thoroughly, and politely.  I was so happy with how they handled it that I named them as someone I’d use in the future despite the initial issue. It’s not the issue, it’s how you react to the issue that’s key to customer service and frankly any satisfaction of any human interaction.

One of my regular readers (Jordan) commented to me that he had suggested Holloway of Ludlow to someone based on my article. His Mother mentioned she was looking for a light and he had just read my customer service article about how good they were and suggested she check them out. She did and bought a light from them!  I’m happy that my positive experience resulted in more business for them, they earned it.

So some lessons learned are:

  • It’s how you respond to an issue or problem that determines the positivity of the outcome
  • Share good customer service stories, referrals help all involved
  • If you share something that results from one of the articles you get you r name in a future article

What made any of your good customer service experiences positive?