Who do you know who:

  1. Feels defensive or might appear aggressive when challenged, often due to an inner uncertainty – trying to prove they are good at what they do or that they will be found out as not good enough.
  2. Is a leader in an organization who is great at leading from their head (logical, task focussed) and would do well to learn how to lead from their heart more to inspire their teams.
  3. Wants better work/life balance and may need greater resilience to handle today’s increasing pressures and pace (sometimes can have difficulty saying no).

I work with individuals either personally or through the support of their organization to help them have greater impact at work (however that organization measures it) and more internal satisfaction and ease. A win/win/win for all (the 3rd is me as I find it very satisfying to help people improve their lives).

Please feel free to contact me directly or pass my details along to arrange a complimentary sample session.