What Impact has the Coaching Had?


“I’ve enjoyed the self-analysis and the opportunity to discuss things with someone in confidence that you would otherwise probably keep to yourself. It’s also proved to me that I probably know a lot of the answers to the issues we face if I just take a step back and try and look at things in a different way. As a result of this, I think we deal with things much more efficiently with solutions being found and problems solved in a timelier manner.”

Nigel, a senior leader  

I facilitate a leadership team of a fast-moving retail operation and provide 1:1 coaching for some of the leaders. I meet with the leadership team 6x a year and probably 4x with specific leaders face-to-face. When I asked one of them the impact the coaching had he sent through the message above.


This verbatim outlines many of the factors present in a successful coaching relationship:

  1. Confidentiality – a safe place to discuss things with an objective party you trust
  2. Time and Space – often with time and space solutions are easier to identify for oneself
  3. Reflection – coaching is about you (the coachee) analysing yourself and coming up with ideas that work for you


The results of coaching conversations are tangible , is this case:

  • increased efficiency,
  • faster response time,
  • dealing with things and finding solutions

What result would you like to achieve? Coaching can probably help.