An Analysis of the Current Political Climate

How has recent political news affected you? I’ve heard a number of very different reactions to what’s going on in the world – whether it’s Brexit, Trump, North Korea, Rehab programs in B.C., domestic violence in Russia, upcoming elections in Europe……

  1. Some people have thrown themselves into influencing the government’s policies and direction. As one friend summarized their response to the USA election “Last year I was a participant in the political process, this year I’m an activist.” They are phoning, writing, marching, voicing and listening to all sides to understand what’s going on and to change the intended plans.
  2. Some people have retreated from the news. In an effort to manage their emotional state and not take in the negativity of the news (because that’s what news broadcasts and newspapers lead with) they have reduced or eliminated their exposure. Turning inward in a way. Some even removing facebook from their phones to limit what they see as news has started to dominate facebook.
  3. Some people have chosen to focus much closer to home, making a positive difference at a personal and local level, having an impact in their immediate sphere of influence. In effect leaving the world’s issues to others.

None of these reactions is best. At the end of the day we are all responsible for ourselves and have an obligation to do what’s best for us and our families.

Did you seriously think I was going to analyse the ins and outs of the political environment? At the end of the day you can try and effect your country’s direction; our countries need smart, passionate contributors.  And mostly you can control your own reaction and behaviour to what’s going on!

What could you do to make the world a better place?