Learnings from the London Marathon

No, I didn’t run the marathon last weekend and I still learnt a lot from watching it.

I’m always so impressed to see the thousands that turn out for all of these physical challenges, be it a 5k fun run or the gruelling 26.2miles of a marathon. I know what it takes to do a walking marathon let alone a running one.

The amazing things about the London marathon this year are:

  1. A London runner, Matthew, gave up his chances of finishing the marathon in his target time to help a struggling runner, David, who appeared dehydrated, finish.

It’s not just a competition; it’s regular individuals pushing themselves to accomplish a goal. And then it’s strangers supporting and encouraging each other selflessly (this can be said of so many of the 800,000 spectators as well, many of whom don’t know anyone running personally).

  1. It’s one of the only international marathons I know of that is predominately a huge fundraising event, almost all participants run for a charitable cause.

There were so many great causes that the 40,000 runners supported, most with a personal story from a loved one’s health challenges, or their own.

  1. A British man dropped his stiff upper lip with me after I congratulated him on running the marathon – he was shocked a stranger said something to him in the street, and he got choked up saying he was moved and proud by having done it!

A marathon is both a physical and mental challenge, for reasons personal to each one, and the realization of that goal is something each runner should be proud of.

Still haven’t decided if I’ll do the SHINE marathon or half marathon this September, and the examples seen at this year’s marathon make me think I want to???