Client Impact – External Manifestation of an Internal Shift

I’m working with a newly promoted senior executive on:

  1. Moving from firefighting operational issues to spending more time on strategic thinking
  2. Contributing more often and more vocally by building confidence within and in the eyes of others

We’ve been working together for 7 months now and not only is she regularly speaking up, constructively contributing to conversations outside her comfort zone and leading long-term thinking on many ideas, she’s also lost over 30lbs/15kgs and counting.

The weight loss has not been part of our coaching directly. It’s become a by-product of the powerful internal work the client has done. We’ve identified the client’s values, her purpose at work and how that fits into her life purpose. We’ve articulated her strengths and weaknesses. We’ve identified what inspires her and where she is confident in life. We’ve unearthed beliefs that have been serving her and ones that have been holding her back by looking at the stories she tells herself and we’ve change those limiting beliefs. She’s trusted in her ability to get things done, her fierce intelligence, her strong EQ, and her communication skills within relationships.

The weight hasn’t just fallen off; she has signed up for a weight loss programme and is working with a personal trainer.  And she’s finding the effort easy as motivation is high.  This often happens with clients who go through powerful internal shifts; they feel a desire to change their external appearance to match the new internal feeling. Usually it’s with different clothes or image, not as dramatic as weight loss.

What unanticipated benefits would you hope for from coaching?