Life Coaching: Just how useful is it?

Whilst knowing where you want to be in life is one thing, reaching the destination is another. Sometimes we can get caught up in ‘life’ and forget to actually ‘live’. This is where life coaching becomes a viable option. Life coaching does not aim to advise, mentor or counsel, the main purpose is to assist individuals to meet their personal and even professional goals. Typical issues that Anne deals with when life coaching include: happiness at home, excelling at work and building in confidence.

It is important to explore and evaluate all possible avenues which are available, and in order to do this you need to take some actions – the right actions. When working with a life coach, this is where you will be introduced to new tools, which will help you evaluate the pros and cons of each individual life goal. More crucially, a life coach can really separate the wood from the trees, something which we struggle to do ourselves due to emotional attachment.

Anne has had significant experience at life coaching in common areas, which people find difficult and seek guidance.

Relationships – A strained relationship can cause serious unrest across all aspects of life. When things are going wrong in our personal lives, we struggle to concentrate in our professional life also. Life coaching can help with rectifying any problems in a relationship and work together towards a resolution. 

Personal Life – An uneasy feeling in your personal life can also affect other aspects of your life. Whether that be a confidence issue, or feeling like you’re not making the most out of life. A life coach can help with the motivation required to push you away from those feelings.

Professional Life – Work is the most common factor that lead people turn to a life coach like Anne. Situations like struggling to achieve a promotion, or even becoming too absorbed in our jobs. Anne can begin asking questions that will ensure that you reflect on your situation with a clear mind.

DIRECTions coaching is a London based executive and personal coaching service provided by Anne Taylor.

For any more information, please feel free to contact Anne on: 0203 151 6830.