The Launch of The Holly Tribe!!

In November in Spain, 23 strangers met and essentially fell in love during the first week of a 10 month CTI Co-Active Leadership Programme. Yes, a leadership programme resulted in international bonds, vulnerability, learning, laughs, pain and growth – and that was just the first 6 days of 10-months! Each tribe has a unique name, ours is Holly.

The official description of the Leadership Programme by CTI (the Coaches Training Institute) is:

The experiential leadership training programme encompasses four all-inclusive residential retreats held over a 10-month period, as well as in-between projects/homework/calls. It is designed to foster leadership skills and potential through the development of an international community of peers and leaders who grow and learn together through a variety of shared experiences.

We were led by 2 powerful and compassionate leaders and 2 safe and trusting assistants who will continue with us for the next 10 months. We took over a beautiful villa on the rolling hills above Sitges complete with a view of the sea, (unheated) pool and hot tub/Jacuzzi, chef and cleaning staff and vineyard and hills around us. For those inquiring minds, it is an alcohol-free week in order to prevent anesthetizing any discomfort and diverting us from our focus!

I’ve known about this programme for about 10 years as CTI is the company with whom I did my coach training. It’s about leading your life, not just leadership at work or in an organization. I’ve always known I’d do this development work; it was just a matter of when and now felt like the right time. I want to:

  • learn more about myself (strengths and limiting beliefs),
  • understand and my impact on others and create that which I want,
  • better identify the strengths in others and build alliances and mutual goals,
  • increase my effectiveness in different environments, and
  • how to better create my relationships and future activities


I’ll be updating you regularly through this newsletter on my learnings and escapades. And if you need any recommendations on Barcelona (near Sitges) I’m accumulating lots!

What do you want to develop within yourself?