Why public speaking is a vital quality for leaders

The word leadership connotes many things: a political leader, an explorer or an executive developing their strategy to help the company and colleagues beat the competition. A leader  influences and inspires the team, to do the right things, whilst setting direction and driving innovation.

Communication is one of the most vital components of leadership, and successful leadership. Therefore, to be a strong, well balanced leader, it is necessary to become a good communicator. This is where it is of significant importance to the development of your career, where public speaking comes in.

A person who is willing to step forward and speak will have a more recognised voice. The more people that see your face, standing in front of a crowd, means more opportunities for your career when done successfully. People will remember you, and remember the message , and the confidence you portrayed. This is effectively putting you centre stage, pitching for that leadership status. Look at it like this – you are representing your company, to your workers – you are therefore the company, therefore you can lead on behalf of the company.

Leaders require the capacity to drive change, and public speaking is the perfect means to implement or announce these changes. The person delivering the message will always be more influential and memorable than the person who simply emails; a quality that a leader cannot ‘lead’ without.

But – there is a clause, being able to speak in public is one thing, but being passionate about what you’re talking about is another. A passionate speaker is an inspiring speaker, at points you will inject extra passion, especially about the parts you particularly believe in, but at the right times there will be a vulnerability to your points.

Public speaking can serve you well in your career, building those connections not just with your own team, but with external clients who can see your leadership skills.

Anne Taylor at DIRECTions Coaching is a qualified coach, who works with leaders on a daily basis to hone  the skills which they feel need development and would allow them to be better in the workplace. Anne can facilitate this progression with leaders and has done so extensively with directors in some of the largest global organisations. If you feel you could benefit from Anne’s years of experience, do not hesitate to get in contact on 020 3151 6830.