Coaching Responsibilities

First and foremost, it is important for a coach to develop and understanding of what it is that the ‘coachee’ (the individual who will be coach) wants to achieve. Coaching is a collaborative process, which both parties agree that the desired change is something which can be attained by working together.

A coach is responsible for three key points in the session –

  • Ensuring that focus is attained – and the clearly defined goal is being reached
  • Facilitating the discussion and enabling a fresh perspective on the situation
  • Giving constructive feedback through active listening and questioning – ultimately pushing the coachee as far as possible

However, the coachee is responsible for –

  • Cultivating ideas and options to attain the end goal
  • Working
  • Regularly keeping up with progress throughout the coaching process.

Coaching Behaviours

Coaching requires you to focus closely on the desired goal, and ensure that the coach listens to what is being said by the coachee. Using a variety of question types to entice the ideas from the coachee, but remaining non-judgemental, specifically when giving feedback.

This requires the coach to make a conscious effort to control any initial instincts when a problem arises. The coach should resist any direction, or attempting to resolve and judge the situation. The coaches job here is to be the catalyst for change, withholding any judgement, by actively facilitating, listening and questioning.

It is important in the conversation, which is goal orientated, that you keep the discussion structured around what a solution would be, and more importantly how this could be achieved. When working with a coach, there should be no blame on where the problem has arisen from, however, more focused on resolving any issues.

How to monitor success?

Successful coaching is monitored by –

  • The coachee feeling confident that they’ve achieved something from their session
  • The solution monitors current obstacles within a situation.

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