The US Presidential Election or BREXIT for that matter…..

By the time this is published the USA election outcome should be known. Like the Brexit vote, some people will be happy or thrilled with the result and some people will be disappointed or angry with the result.

Musings from me about this election (and frankly any vote):

1.       Regardless of who won, I’m always amazed at how many people don’t vote. On the news I’ve seen interviews with Americans in their 30’s who have never voted before, who have decided the choices are so distinct and close that now they will exercise their right to vote. I find it dumbfounding that they’ve never voted before and in this election especially where the choices are so different that many choose not to vote. I always think if you don’t vote you don’t get to complain about anything decided by government (which is a lot).

2.       Regardless of who won, how do we all move forward and live in harmony for a better future? And I do mean the royal WE – Americans amongst themselves and also everyone else who had an opinion that differed from the result or whomever has had differing opinions in any vote. 

3.       Regardless of who won, what can we learn from this that makes the process and society better? Things like: how can everyone’s voice be heard throughout the year not just at decision time; how can the best people be responsible for the appropriate decisions; what’s the best way to communicate especially about complex issues; and how can businesses, organizations, individuals and government all uniquely contribute to the best process and outcome.

The analysis will go on for a while I’m sure – who voted for whom, where, when, by every demographic variable possible. There will be a lot of talk about the outcome. To me the often overlooked discussion is about the process itself – how does the process work that two of the most disliked candidates ended up being the choices put forth to the people? Or that a question as big as staying in or leaving the EU comes down to a binary YES/NO with so close a number on both sides? And how do some people decide to not even participate in the process?

Regardless of who won or what vote you’re thinking of, what can you do to make tomorrow better than today for yourself, those around you and the next generation?