Impact of Coaching in Executive Education

A lot of my coaching work is with Executives as part of a broader leadership development program. I often receive client feedback – both numerical and qualitative – during and after the coaching experience.

Recent feedback from clients includes:

1.       Clients recognize the value of coaching for their personal development and feel they have a responsibility to ensure the company gets value for their investment. I’ve heard this frequently in recent programmes which I found quite selfless.

2.       Clients often say they take the time to self reflect, be more open to feedback or aware of their impact more with coaching. And from that increased awareness they plan the impact and intention they want to have with people and the business.

3.       It sustains the learning journey beyond a training day or programme, and helps them implement what they’ve learned in a relevant way for their roles and themselves. Coaching also provides accountability to do things they want to do but they might not prioritize or follow through on if left to their own devises.

4.       A greater understanding of themselves, the link below talks about deeper introspection – by having a mirror held up to them and also by having a safe place to explore the implications.

It was nice to read in Mark Skinner’s article for IMD – a leading business school in Switzerland – and my first organizational client when I became a coach years ago. His experience as a coach on Executive Education programmes is similar to my own. Have a read of the value clients get from coaching in this environment.

What impact could coaching support you with for your leadership and the business on which you work?