Balance. Pulsating. Dichotomy. Contradiction.

What does this mean????

I’m an Executive and Personal Coach. Have been for years. Have coached tons of clients. And I have a coach of my own. I’ve been working with her on having balance, pulsating between and living with dichotomy and contradictions in my work and personal life. It’s a key focus for me this year.

Here are some of the ideas that appear as opposites:

Being present/In the Moment while Creating the Future

Challenging clients and myself while Supporting them (and me)

Reflecting to Grow, Learn and Change while Accepting Things As They Are

Being while Doing

Going with the Flow while Planning

Heart and Head

The challenge or opportunity of these apparent opposites is how to live with them. Options are:

  1. hold them simultaneously

  2. focus on whichever is appropriate at the time

  3. think of them on a continuum and find a compromise between the two ends of the continuum

What would you choose to work on with a coach? What habits or tendencies do you have? Where do those habits or tendencies limit you? Where would the alternative to those tendencies serve you?

What could I do to challenge you and support you? Let me know.