Three Aspects of Coaching to Keep You Competitive

Efficiency is vital to commercial success. Your organisation requires good planning, time management, and decision-making. It also needs you to maintain your self-belief through all of the peaks and troughs of business.

Yet whether you are just setting up, or simply have too much work on to think about the future, all of the above is easier said than done – but you are not alone. In fact, an increasing number of business owners now employ coaches to help them achieve their aims. Here are three types of coaching to help you stay on top of things and keep your business competitive:

Executive coaching

In the US, business coaching is now a $2 billion dollar industry, and the demand for such services is also growing on this side of the Atlantic. In fact, research from Henley Business School shows that 83 % of UK businesses make use – or plan to use – some form of business coaching. It also shows that external coaches are preferred for senior management and executives.

Executive coaches observe and ask powerful questions that allow business owners and managers to gain valuable insight into the way they do their work. This allows you to become more efficient and to manage your work and your team more effectively.

Team coaching

Team coaching has become very popular for a number of reasons. First, it allows many people in your organisation to benefit at the same time. 

Second, it enables you to make crucial improvements in the way your team works together. After all, every member of staff brings their own unique strengths. A team coach will help you to define these and put to them to use in ways that maximises efficiency.

Confidence coaching

Confidence affects everything you do in life, not just in business. It also influences the decisions you make. You are no doubt aware that good business decisions equal more success.

And if you feel great about yourself, you will make better decisions.

Confidence also influences the way others see you, and it is vital that you project an aura of confidence when doing business. This is because an outward display of it shows people with whom you do business that you know what you’re doing. This in turn helps them put their trust in you.

Confidence coaching can provide the support that you or others in your organisation need to help boost efficiency and bring in more business. 

Here at DIRECTions Coaching, I take the time to understand your needs. I also help you create an action plan to help build the confidence that both you and your business need to be a success.

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