Leadership mistakes that first-time managers make

As a London-based executive coach, I find that a lot of newly promoted managers feel daunted by the task ahead of them. Because of this they’d often benefit greatly from leadership coaching in order to get to a point where they’re comfortable and confident in managing a team.

Making that transition isn’t easy by any means, and it’s completely understandable that inexperienced managers seek coaching on how to make it easier, as greater power equals greater responsibility.

So with that in mind, below are some of the most common mistakes that new leaders make. If you’re starting in a new managerial role, avoid these:

Failing to set goals

A lack of communication can be a real problem for new managers, who sometimes fail to set goals and expectations for employees to work towards. This can result in a lack of motivation and poor work performance due to a lack of authority or expectation. When you delegate tasks to your employees, make sure you are setting targets and you’re likely to notice they are more eager to get the job done.

Not being authoritative

When first-time leaders take up their positions they may be wary of coming across as too strict. This can lead to the mistake of them not being authoritative enough, which can make employees question any smidgen of authority that is exhibited, which is exactly what a leader does not want when they start out.

Not rewarding employees

Recognising employee performance is one of the most crucial roles of a manager – it is a vital practice that helps to boost employee self-esteem and performance. Effectively rewarding employees reaps rewards, while neglecting to do so can diminish productivity and bring about feelings of disloyalty, so it is important that managers know how to properly reward.

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