12 Weeks to Go

This September I’m walking SHINE, the night-time marathon walk, to help Cancer Research UK fund their life-saving work. It’s my 3rd SHINE overnight marathon walk.

I’m doing the marathon because I can. I'm grateful to be able to walk a marathon. I'm grateful because so many I know aren't able to as they've lost their lives to cancer. I'd be grateful if you have the means and desire to contribute to my fundraising.

My Mum and Dad died 22 weeks apart of lung and liver cancer respectively. My work mentor died a year later of pancreatic cancer. My Uncle Pete was the first person I knew to die of cancer when I was just a kid, it didn’t register at that young age. Then when I was an adult my Aunt Mary died of lung cancer. My friend's wife in her 40's died of ovarian cancer leaving 3 daughters; it was her death the week I was signing up for my first marathon that had me registered for the full rather than half marathon. An older acquaintance lost her husband and 2 of her 3 adult children to GI cancers. A close friend’s Dad is undergoing a trial treatment for leukaemia as I type. Luckily my 2nd cousin and ex mother in law both live on after being treated for breast cancer.

My 16 week training started four weeks ago: 4 times a week with long training walks once per week – walking 4 and 5 hours at a time, and that’s at a speed of 4 miles/hour so help keep me motivated by supporting my walk if you can or joining my long walk on Sundays. 

I’ve got a big fundraising goal of £2,500 and if you can help me I’d appreciate it. If not, please send good vibes my way for training and on the night.