Misconceptions about executive coaching

Executive coaching across London is becoming more and more popular, with many individuals seeing great improvements in their leadership qualities through it.

There are still misconceptions about executive coaching that put people off, though, which often revolves around a lack of belief in the methods and also a shortage of confidence in one’s self.

As a professional executive coach, it’s up to me to help correct these myths and alleviate any concerns that some may have about executive coaching. So here are a few of the most common ones and why they aren’t entirely accurate:

Executive coaching is for people with shortcomings

An outlook that I hear about executive coaching is that it is designed to overcome weaknesses, and many people believe they don’t have any weaknesses. Executive coaching, however, is actually much more about identifying strengths and learning how to make the most out of them. Whilst executive coaching might help people realise their difficulties, it is much more effective at helping people realise their true potential through their strengths.

I won’t qualify for executive coaching

Quite the opposite to the previous point, people are sometimes prone to thinking that executive coaching is for high up executives who have years of experience. Executive coaching is actually very open, with many newly promoted executives receiving it. Even those who aren’t currently in executive positions may have coaching, with the goal of gaining executive leadership qualities to prepare for promotion.

A coach should be tough

Everyone has their own style – some people are heavy-handed in their approach to coaching, whilst others prefer to practice empathy and engagement with their clients. Whatever the case, there is no prescribed method for what makes a successful coach, and those who want executive coaching should certainly be aware of the different types of coaching styles that exist.

As an executive coach here in London, I offer professional yet supportive coaching in order to help individuals improve their performance and gain more satisfaction from work.

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