The importance of confidence

‘Have more confidence in yourself’ is something everyone is likely to hear at certain points in their lives. It must be remembered, however, that this is not a state of being that can be turned on or off using a switch – instead, it is built up over time.

Confidence is vital in the role of professionals. Executives and employees in other positions have a huge advantage if they have it, and research has shown that a lack of it can negatively impact on your success at work.

What exactly is confidence, though? At its most basic level, confidence is knowing what you are good at and showing other people exactly why you are good at those things.

As a confidence coach based here in London, I have seen a dramatic improvement in the general work performance of the individuals I have coached. Whether they started out with extremely low levels of confidence or were on their way to achieving their confidence goals, confidence coaching helped a great deal.

The importance of confidence cannot be understated, not only in one’s professional life, but also when it comes to happiness. A lack of confidence is one of the major things holding people back from creating the life they want, escaping feelings of self-doubt and even gaining more energy.

If you are interested in increasing your confidence in order to progress at work or to improve your personal life, I can help. To read my most recent client success story – and one where he received a promotion to Managing Director – please click here.

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