Forget the New Year’s Resolutions…. Create an Intention for the Year

It’s the start of a New Year.  Even though the year will go by fast (and faster the older you get as I have found) I suggest you fast-forward for a few minutes for this next exercise.

Fast forward to December 31, 2016 imagine it’s the end of the year (already!). Imagine its New Year’s Eve 2016, reflect on all the breakthroughs, accomplishments, successes and other delicious stuff that’s happened to you this past year.  Give yourself success – whatever that means for you.  See yourself looking back on an incredibly fulfilling, satisfying and successful year. Write it down. Draw it. Make a collage.

From that vantage point, feeling proud and deeply satisfied, write a list or even a letter telling yourself the story of how you made it happen. What’s on your list of great stuff for 2016? Write it down; use the present and past tenses as if it’s already accomplished and experienced.  Please be as detailed and specific as you can. Dare to dream BIG.  Write the year of your dreams.  Who did you become? What have you accomplished? How do you feel? What qualities or characteristics did you use? What values did you live? Make it as exciting and vivid as possible.  What are your top three personal goals for 2016? What are your top three professional goals for the next 12 months?  What one personal quality do you most want to develop in the next 12 months? (For example: patience, boldness, courage, calmness, integrity, humour, sparkle etc.)

Look at what you wrote.  What is the overall theme for the coming year? As an executive coach, we learn that symbols and metaphors are great pathways to your wisdom and knowing as they hold many levels of meaning and nuance. Symbols and metaphors swim below our consciousness all the time. What metaphor symbolizes your year? Be creative. Find or develop a picture or image or article for that metaphor. Keep this visual with you as the year unfolds; use it as a guide to what you want for the year.  This is your intention for 2016.

At the start of a New Year, I always try and push my London coaching clients and even past clients to feel free to share their letters, metaphors or pictures with me – I am happy to assist you in creating 2016 as your ideal year or to witness your intention as you start.

2016 will pass whether you create what you want from the year or not….so why not make it the year of your dreams.

Anne Taylor is a leading executive and personal coach that has worked with a vast range of clients in the London and surrounding areas. For more information on her executive or personal coaching sessions, please give her a call on 02031 516 830.