How do great leaders motivate their teams?

A team is often nothing without the guidance of an enthusiastic leader who is equipped to motivate effectively. So many London businesses come up short of their goals due to an overall lack of productivity, which can be rooted in poor leadership and a dip in motivation.

It’s important for leaders to constantly assess the ways in which they lead and to be open-minded in their approach to leadership. Taking risks is often what separates great leaders from merely good leaders, meaning that sticking to conventions is an inadvisable route to stunted progress. With the ever-expanding ways in which teams work in the 21st century, how can a leader stick out and inspire a successful team?

For one, there is perhaps nothing more important than setting goals and having purpose. Businesses with a solid structure and set goals to work towards are usually the ones which succeed, and teams are often the most motivated when goals are set out clearly and communicated effectively by leaders.

Not only do clearly stated goals help to motivate your existing team, they can also attract determined individuals whose goals are the same and are able to offer something new and exciting. It’s an encouraging sign when people want to work for your company due to its philosophy.

Another effective trait for leaders to have is humility and the willingness to accept that other people’s ideas may be better than yours. This creates an environment where people are confident in their ideas and are encouraged to think outside of the box. Innovation is often the work of many rather than one, so allowing your team to be an active part of coming up with ideas is crucial.

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