The final 50-4-50 List

I completed my 50-4-50 in the nick of time just before my birthday. The project was about doing 50 Acts of Kindness for other people between my 50th birthday last April and before my 51st this April. It was a follow up, and more altruistic project, than my 49-4-49 which was 49 fun activities or adventures for me. The acts of kindness had to be new, something I don’t already do (donate blood, mail birthday cards, sponsor University scholarship, celebrating friends’ birthdays):

  1. Donations to many runners raising funds for various charities

  2. Giving directions to people on the tube and in the streets, proactively before they asked

  3. Donating to street musician

  4. Cooking a dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald House

  5. Volunteering at a soup kitchen for the homeless

  6. Submitting cheek swab to delete blood cancer (to be in database for donors)

  7. Made cookies and squares for baking charity fund raiser

  8. Helping elderly man down the stairs at the tube with his zimmer frame and bags

  9. Gave a recommendation to a friend, and connect them, and friend insisted I count it

  10. Donate to charity run for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

  11. Filling a large garbage bag with rubbish/garbage on the street

  12. Acknowledging great service of Boots assistant manager

  13. Helping Belgian tourist who was separated from family on tube journey get back to them

  14. Card acknowledging someone for who they are and their accomplishments

  15. Card acknowledging someone’s strength and determination

  16. Kudos to grocery delivery company for good delivery service

  17. 10 messages to friends on Facebook for why I think they are special, their gift to the world

  18. Hand out free umbrellas/brollies to strangers in the rain

  19. Donate to Big Issue seller, buskers, homeless man throughout the day

  20. Hand out candy canes to people on the tube at Christmas time

  21. Help a lady with a baby pram/carriage up the stairs at tube station

  22. Signed up for SHINE marathon

  23. Donate food to food bank

  24. Look after a friend in need for days and nights

  25. Over tip considerably for service

  26. Give thermal socks to homeless men

  27. Thank you card to my Doctor’s office for helpful service

  28. Giving shoulder and neck massages to 20+ colleagues during long meeting

  29. Noticing a dropped glove and reuniting it with its owner, who returned played it forward later that day

  30. Bought groceries for single mother of 4 begging in the street

  31. Dinner for an acquaintance’s daughter living abroad, trying to cook her favourite foods

  32. Thank you card and gift certificate to pilates teacher

  33. Clothes to charity

  34. Donating books to library

  35. Homemade cookies to colleagues and various offices with whom I visit

  36. Booking restaurant for colleagues and acknowledging staff

  37. Self-kindness – reading for myself during a busy time

  38. Robustly greeting every service provider I encountered in a day

  39. Let people in queue in front of me

  40. Directions to people proactively

  41. Complimenting strangers

  42. Administrative letter composed and mailed for a friend

  43. Buying meal for homeless lady

  44. Having an elderly friend over for dinner, cooking his favourites

  45. Inviting and paying for tea for elderly neighbour

  46. Give out free bunches of daffodils to elderly ladies/couples

  47. Talk to a stranger

  48. Writing positive slogans on sidewalk/pavement in chalk

  49. Money to an acquaintance’s kids in place of birthday gifts to my close friends

  50. Acknowledging strangers for their positive qualities

Now onto my 51-4-51 project!!