Myths about executive coaching

Those who simply do not know the concept or its benefits often misunderstand coaching.

I regularly see professionals in the London area shy away from leadership and confidence coaching sessions because of the stigma attached, with some thinking that it is for the unsuccessful or ‘amateurs’. These assumptions are in fact way off the mark, as are many myths about executive coaching.

Let's clear things up…

Successful people can benefit from executive coaching

Executive coaching isn't necessarily for graduates or those just starting out in their respective field(s): it's for highly regarded business professionals that are looking to take their career, personal skills and attributes to the next level. My coaching sessions can help London professionals in many ways, including:

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem by allowing professionals to set pre-defined goals to help them meet personal and career focused targets.

  • Allowing them to create an ideal work/life balance.

  • Enhancing leadership qualities.

  • Offering external support in what can be a lonely role, providing sound feedback and helping with strategic direction.

Executive coaches are not mentors or counsellors

One of the most common myths about executive coaches is that they are an external mentor or counsellor. A counsellor’s role is to heal and help a person through difficult periods of their working or personal life. A mentor, on the other hand, is more for teaching and advising a person in a certain area or in navigating their career progression. At the opposite end of the spectrum, executive coaches maximise business results by setting carefully defined goals to improve on qualities like leadership and confidence.

Our backgrounds do not have to be similar

Most people think they need to hire an executive coach that has a background specifically in the industry they work in, but that really isn't the case. Do sporting athletes have coaches that have the same background in what they do? The answer is no. By asking the right questions and listening intently, good coaches can help anyone.

Executive coaching is proving to be more and more popular among businesses in the London area. Should you wish to hear more about my personal or group sessions, please do not hesitate to call me on 02031 516 830.