How executive coaching can motivate London professionals

One of the key objectives for any London business is to motivate their employees to maximise work ethic and job satisfaction. It is for that reason that many companies in the capital are now approaching executive coaches like myself to help create positive motivation and keep it there.

So how can executive coaching help professionals? Surely that has to come from within? Though this is true (everything must come in some way from each individual), executive coaching sessions can actually bring it out.

Below I’ve summarised the brief step-by-step process to achieve this:

1) We identify a goal

Executive coaching is all about setting aims and objectives that motivate a business professional to enhance themselves in a number of ways, including improving their position within a company, developing a new skill or learning a new trade. This is where executive coaching sets itself apart from counselling or mentoring: something that many confuse it as.

2) We assess areas of positivity and negativity

After a goal has been set, it's time to look at all aspects of a person's personal and professional life that could impact them reaching their intended mark. As a qualified and experienced executive coach, I would then work with them to assess the positives and negatives to ensure that the goal is reached within a realistic timeframe.

3) We look towards the future

It's important that business professionals always consider their future, and that's why in my executive coaching sessions I always make sure that it is in the forefront of their minds. Where do they want to be five years from now? How will their life look like if they don't reach their desired goal? How will they feel if you do?

4) You let go

Now it's time to let go. How fulfilling would it be to meet your goal within the timeframe set? How confident would it make you feel, and how would this affect the people around you? What new opportunities could arise from this?

All of these specific questions are asked to allow people in my executive coaching sessions to start to really think about their careers and where they want to go.

Executive coaches are trained to cause a thought reaction and then have the ability to listen and advise accordingly, guiding clients in the right way to create motivation, confidence and happiness.

For more information on my executive coaching sessions here in London, please do feel free to call me on 02031 516 830.