The benefits of life coaching

Life coaching is a popular option for London-based individuals who are looking to create a positive balance.

Rather than being a 'mentor' or 'counsellor', my role as a coach is to help people to define, meet and exceed personal and professional goals to help them feel more content at home and in work.

I believe life coaching is relevant at all stages of someone's life as it can promote growth, confidence and the progression of relationships with others. With this in mind, below are some of the benefits of life coaching that I see happen on a day-to-day basis with my London clients:

1) Allows people to focus and get clarity on what they want to do

In life coaching, much like executive coaching, a coach sits with an individual to help them to find clarity and become content in life. To do this, we work on setting goals that we work with our clients to meet. Whether it be personal and/or professional, these offer a real sense of accomplishment when they are achieved. This then allows people to go about their life doing what they want to do, enabling them to live it their way.

2) Creates work/life balance

Juggling a career alongside a family can be challenging, especially if you work away regularly or have young mouths to feed. As a life coach I help people to deal with this by looking at key areas that can be improved upon. Some, for example, feel guilty for leaving their families to go to work.

3) Enables personal and professional growth

By creating a positive work/life balance I often find that people start to grow personally and professionally: if you are content in your life then you are likely to be more confident in how you lead it. Such assurance allows London individuals to grow and understand what they want.

Over the years my life coaching sessions have helped a range of individuals in London improve on confidence, balance and leadership in their personal and professional lives.

That's because my experience and training has allowed me to understand which questions to ask to get people to think about their lives, reflect what the client says and carefully identify any underlying beliefs that are present.

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