How confidence and leadership coaching can help SMEs in London

Being the capital city, it comes as no surprise that London has attracted a lot of new businesses over the past few years.

According to London Business School's recent 'Entrepreneur, Tech and Media' summit, the area is the best place in the world for tech entrepreneurs. Add the fact that Start Up Britain recently announced that over 600,000 companies were launched last year in the UK and it's no wonder that so many SME professionals are looking at different ways to push their organisation(s) to the next level.

Just one way in which they are doing this is by having regular sessions with executive leadership coaches.

But with all this new business going on in the city, can such coaching actually benefit the smaller businesses and set them apart from the rest?

In short, the answer is yes. As an experienced executive and leadership coach here in London, I have over the years advised professionals in both large corporations and small SMEs. That's because executive coaching works in all business environments, regardless of a company’s size and industry.

Executive coaches can address and help SMEs to deal with the unique needs and challenges they typically face when starting out.

Benefits of executive coaching to SMEs include the following:

  • Allows London-based professionals to have access to an external party who they can bounce ideas off regarding plans and aims.

  • Tailors support to be more personal and much more flexible when compared to training sessions.

  • Helps to find a strategic direction.

  • Improves skills and qualities such as organisation, confidence, prioritising, motivation and decision-making.

  • Has personal benefits too, and enables individuals to strike up what they believe is a good work/life balance.

If you are based the London area and want to talk through your requirements with an experienced and qualified executive coach, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I have worked alongside a variety of high profile businesses, and am a registered member of the International Coaching Federation: one of the largest and most recognised coaching industry bodies.

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