Training for Shine 2016

I’m two months into my training for the walking marathon and am struggling with a few things.

One is the time commitment. It takes longer to train for a walking marathon than a running one obviously. To fit the walks in around work, enjoying the summer, friends and activities is hard. I try to combine friends, walking and enjoying the summer but that only helps on the weekend walks. During the week when I’m travelling for work and have long work days it’s much harder to get in the training walks.

Another struggle is motivation. When I trained for my first marathon there was an excitement about it and an uncertainty about how the marathon night would go. This is my third. I know how the night will go – long, dark, solitary and tiring. Hard to get motivated when you know it’s going to be challenging. The old saying that ignorance is bliss is true to some extent. My friend is training for his second ironman and he’s having the same struggle as he knows how brutally punishing the actual event will be, really punishing in his cause, much less so in mine!

I’ve got a big fundraising goal of £2,500 and if you can help me I’d appreciate it. If not, please send good vibes my way for training and on the night.