Kindness – You Never Know When People Might Need It

It’s happened a few times now. I do an act of kindness and the recipient is bowled over by it! And in many cases they are bowled over with gratitude because they’ve been going through a rough time and my act of kindness helped them at their low point.

Today I gave my pilates teacher a thank you card and gift certificate for a coffee/tea. When she opened the card her face appeared awestruck. She was speechless at first and just reached out to hug me. Her eyes were filling with tears and she said she was about to burst into tears. I wanted her to know that so many of us in class appreciated her skill, adaptability to our different needs and abilities, humour, dedication, care and support of our fitness goals. I wrote this in her card. She said it was beautiful and made her speechless. As I rubbed her back while she composed herself she quietly said “this is so amazing, after the week I have had, this just means so much, to get this today, when I needed something, thank you.”

Alternatively, I sent a message to a friend located on the other side of the world telling her what I valued about her as a person, ending my message with a note on how her laugh still makes me smile even through messages. She too replied with a note of appreciation as was in a very difficult place, struggling and certainly hasn’t been laughing much. My words and mention of her laugh changed her mood for the better, gave her support and encouragement in a tough situation. And really, it was just me sending a quick note across the social media world and it meant so much!

I had no idea what either of these two people were going through. I had just decided to reach out as part of my 50-4-50 Acts of Kindness. I felt good writing the messages, remembering what it is about each of them that I value, the gift they have brought to my life. And then when I shared those simples yet truthful words I gave them a gift, for which they then acknowledged me and I felt even better. Amazing circle of appreciation.

Who do you love or value? What if you told them specifically what it is that you value, now!