Statistics indicate an increase in demand for executive coaching

Global interest in executive coaching is increasing, according to figures released by the American Management Association.

The report – titled 'Coaching: A global study of successful practices – Current trends and future possibilities 2008-2018' – shows that more companies are employing coaches to improve employee performance, and comments that the rise was due to a number of factors outlined below:

  • An increase in pressure on high-level professionals (e.g. CEOs and MDs) has lead to more scrutiny and transparency. Executive coaches can help to relieve this by supporting as an impartial party.

  • It allows executives, who sometimes work in isolated job roles, to have a confidant and sounding board with whom to discuss issues.

  • Coaching helps prepare employees for promotion.

  • It improves skills – e.g. confidence, time management and leadership abilities.

As a London-based executive coach who specialises in leadership, confidence improvement and helping people to find a satisfying work/life balance, I am always pleased to hear that more businesses are really seeing the numerous benefits of coaching.

Over the years I have had many success stories from both small and large companies in the London area. Following a range of one to one and group coaching sessions, these have all seen firsthand many of the above points benefit their employees.

Bearing in mind that a happy workforce is said to be around 10% more productive, this of course positively feeds back into the organisation as a whole. It can therefore lead to improved team performance, better results and more effective leadership, not to mention the development of new skills.

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