How executive coaching can help with employee engagement

For a lot of businesses in the London area employee engagement can be one of the most difficult things to overcome yet one of the most important things to persevere with. It’s crucial that employees feel motivated and happy in their jobs to ensure that business goals and objectives are met.

According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), the biggest coaching industry body, and the Human Capital Institute (HCI), executive and group coaching within businesses practices can change all of that. Recent research conducted by the pair suggests that a staggering 60% of employees rate themselves as highly engaged in businesses that have strong executive and group coaching cultures. What’s more, the results also indicated that coaching is particularly more impactful amongst high-potential employees, something that I regularly see during my executive coaching sessions. The research concluded that coaches such as myself can increase employee engagement by at least 62% within the high-potential target audience.

As a qualified executive coach and a member of the ICF I understand first-hand how beneficial coaching within businesses can be. Throughout my time in the industry, I have helped an extensive range of businesses in the London region with success and leadership coaching to improve employee morale and engagement.

That’s because coaching can define personal goals and together with their coach, executives can identify the right steps needed to accomplish each in their personal and professional lives. Such progress has a positive effect on the person looking to progress through success and leadership coaching, which in turn can motivate peers and push businesses in a forward direction.

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