What is executive coaching and how can it benefit your London business

For London-based businesses, it’s important to keep developing your executives, but leading can be a special skill, and that’s why a lot of organisations are now looking at one-on-one executive coaching to help their employee’s progress.

Executive coaches, like myself, benefit businesses in numerous ways through personal sessions that can help their employees with the following:

  • Polish their leadership styles through leading teams more effectively
  • Navigate your London business through difficult times
  • Realign their current priorities
  • Understand how to measure their personal and business success


They also allow the boss to have more free time, which in turn means they can put more effort into other work duties now they don’t have to worry about coaching and training other staff members.

So what does executive coaching actually mean?

I generally get asked a lot of questions about executive coaching, and that’s mainly because people don’t really know a lot about it.

Executive coaching can be a range of things, but the main goal is to support someone in making informed decisions about their career development, as well as providing them with skills which they can use to meet these goals.

Common misconceptions about executive coaching

There’s a lot of confusion with the term coaching, some people have the misconception that I may be a counsellor, or in fact a recruitment specialist who will be able to land them their dream job. Some people also think that having a single session will resolve all of their issues. I certainly can’t create your dream job, but I can help you take the appropriate steps to help make it possible, coaching you over the weeks to help you build your skills and confidence.

When is executive coaching most useful?

Executive coaching can be relevant for most stages of someone’s life, especially if they are looking to advance in their leadership skills, get the next promotion or if they want a total career change. My sessions allow my London-based customers to feel more confident in their professional ability, as well as more providing insight, encouragement and inspiration.

For more information about my executive coaching services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 02031 516 830.