90 Day Challenge

90 days. ¼ year. 3 months. 12 weeks. 2,160 hours. 129,600 minutes.

What would you like to be different 90 days from now? <<Insert your answer here >>

It could be exercise more, be healthier, laugh, read a book a week, eat together as a family 3x a week, network with 12 people for your professional development, learn to sport, play an instrument, do a hobby, write your resume/CV.

A group of us are doing a 90 day food challenge. It started with two lovely ladies saying they wanted to do a 90 day no-sugar/sugar-free challenge starting 1st January. They posted it on Facebook and over the course of two months have gotten 90 people who are interested signed up to a private group. Some people are doing vegan diets, some paleo, some high fat/low carb, most no refined sugar, most no alcohol, some no fruit or dairy, some no simple white carbs, and some even no cigarettes. All are interested in being healthier.

It’s still early days and it seems people are making headway with it, so why is it working so far?

  • The participants are diverse bringing different ideas, styles and talents to the group
  • People have defined what success means for them and committed to their goal
  • A community has committed to support and encourage each other
  • Information, ideas and struggles are being shared
  • Baby steps have been identified and actioned
  • Obstacles are being identified and problems are solved as we go
  • People are being honest, even when they’ve had a set-back, and re-committing every day
  • Focusing on what we choose to eat and the healthy objective, not on the “banned substance list” (maybe it should be called the 90 day Fit, Fab, Fuel Journey?)

As an executive leadership coach here in London, I often ask questions to my clients such as ‘to achieve your goal what support do you need? What’s the first step you could take? Who could participate with you? What’s the positive of achieving the goal and going through the 90 days? Why is it important to you? What do you need to remind yourself daily of your goal and choices? What obstacles might you encounter and what’s a plan to prevent or overcome them?

<<Insert your answers here>>

90 days is a long time. Those days are going to pass regardless of whether you decide to do or be something you’ve often wondered about. How would you feel 90 days from now having attempted and probably succeed at it?

Anne Taylor is a professional executive and personal coach based in London. Serving an extensive range of clients in the City, Anne has proven that confidence and leadership coaching can improve employee mentality at work and at home. For more information on her coaching services, please call 02031 516 830.