Season’s Greetings and Warm Wishes

No, this article isn’t late. It’s what happens at this time of year for me and I assume many other executive and personal coaches.

We receive festive greetings and accolades from clients and former clients. I’m sure many business people received cards and such from suppliers and clients, although maybe fewer than previous years due to the generic e-card/virtual greetings/paper saving options.  I still receive paper cards by post and personalised email greetings at this time of year. And those greetings often include something quite satisfying about our executive coaching interaction and journey. What a lovely profession to be involved in and great clients to have.

One such piece of feedback talked of the impact our coaching work has had on an individual’s professional life and his desire to re-new in the New Year. The executive coaching focused on having a more commanding and influential presence with those he met for the first time and with senior management. Our work started inside – what were his values, purpose, strengths, weaknesses and career aspirations.  Then we looked at the outside – his boss’ objectives for the one-to-one executive coaching and a 360o assessment by managers, peers and subordinates. Over the year we worked on:

  • Physical posture – when he stands, walks and sits. Things like head perpendicular to the floor, back straight, don’t rest on the chair back when sitting.
  • Voice control – slower speaking, enunciate, pause, breathe.
  • Succinct messaging – start with a high-level statement and use hand gestures to explain three supporting points. Give out less information, especially for executive level, then ask if they want more detail. Prepare in advance for even small encounters with management.
  • Appearance – he decided he wanted his outer appearance to reflect his inner confidence and the positive feedback he has been getting so he’s losing weight, getting more fitted suits and styling his hair.

To quote: “Your empathy and compassion coupled with an intensity of purpose makes all engagements with you RICH & REWARDING. Thank you.”

Thank you for the RICH & REWARDING experience of working with you, client!!

What would find more rich and rewarding in your professional life?

Anne Taylor is an experienced and well respected executive and personal coach based here in London. For more information on her leadership and confidence coaching sessions which can be carried out in group or one-on-one sessions, please do not hesitate to call 02031 516 830.