Congratulations to London Business School on its 50th Anniversary!

I would like to congratulate London Business School on their 50th Anniversary! As they say anniversaries are a great opportunity to celebrate the past and inspire the future. 50 years is quite a milestone as so much has happened to the world in that time.

The London Business School started back in the 1960’s when things were not nearly as global as they are today. The technological advances and changes that have gone on in that time are staggering – I still remember my Aunt and Uncle having one hand-cranked, party-line telephone in their rural home during that time. Now I Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp my cousins an ocean away with little thought.

In those years London Business School has impacted so many people, students, academics, employees, clients, businesses, organizations that have gone on to impact many corners of the world.

Congratulations on the last 5 decades and all the best for many more.

What does the next 50 years hold for London Business School and for you?

Anne Taylor is an executive life coach and is an associate coach for the London Business School. To find out more about Anne and executive, personal, individual or group coaching, please call 02031516830 today!