“You know what I mean?” Communication tips to make sure you’re heard in the workplace

This phrase has become quite common in discussions I am having at coaching sessions with clients at mid-level management up to C-suite. So far it seems to be a UK-centric expression. I’m curious what is driving peoples’ use of this phrase?

Is it because you want their buy-in or acceptance of your message?

Is it because you are thinking as you are speaking so are looking for validation?

Is it because you are talking at someone, not looking for non-verbal cues to sense their understanding, and then attempting to engage them with this closed question?

Is it because you are wondering about your ability to communicate effectively?

If you are uncertain about whether someone understands what you are saying either:

  1. Ask a better question. Would you please restate what you heard? What have you heard? What’s your take on what I just shared?
  2. Restate it in another way. Even better, restate it in from the vantage point of the listener, put yourself in their shoes and communicate it again.
  3. Share more. Explain the rationale or motivation or the reason ‘why’ behind your message. Given them the meaning behind the message if in fact you want them to know what you mean.

What adjustment could you make to your communication to ensure you are understood?

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