Study reveals leadership skills are the most important attribute for finance professionals

Recruitment specialist, Robert Half UK, has revealed that ‘strong leadership skills’ is the most important attribute that a finance professional can have, with 60% of company executives believing it is the most likely quality to allow them to progress up the career ladder.

The new results, which are based on recent research the company carried out with 200 finance executives, also indicated that 47% of those interviewed believed strong technical skills were needed to reach the top of a business. Meanwhile, 33% of those studied believed that effective communication was the most important skill for a successful career, whilst others believed a competitive nature (32%), futuristic outlook (30%), strong interpersonal skills (17%) and risk (16%) were also needed.

There is now an increased importance for financial professionals to have quality leadership skills alongside their technical ability to do their job to allow them to deliver within their business. As an executive coach, I know first-hand how beneficial leadership skills are to an organisation. Regardless of the company sector, strong employees with such quality skills can grow a business to a high level. That’s why all businesses can benefit from hiring outside executive coaches to support their staff further to go further.

Over the years I have dealt with a lot of businesses in the London area, including those within the financial sector, and I have helped their employees grow through effective one-to-one executive coaching and group coaching. These sessions allow individuals to grow as together we create personal goals which we look to reach by improving their leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Other benefits include:

  • Being an example to their team members and others in the organization
  • Advancing in the organisation and becoming more satisfied in their career
  • Increased motivation to succeed which also benefits team morale
  • Better stress management
  • Being a better leader allows the individual to unleash the potential in their subordinates

You can see more about how executive coaching can add value to your business here.

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