One immediate thing to improve employee engagement!

Give feedback – positive feedback at a minimum. And some constructive feedback. Daily. To your direct reports, peers, colleagues, to your kids, anyone actually.

It is simple to give feedback using the AID model.

A: Action – what action or behaviour did you notice that prompted the feedback.

I: Impact – what impact did that action have on the business, someone else, you?

D: Desired Outcome – what outcome do you want in the future from the feedback? Of note, in the case of positive feedback it might be ‘keep doing what you are doing’






When you listened to that customer’s complaint and asked questions to understand the situation the customer felt heard.

I noticed you were typing on your laptop during the strategy meeting.


It noticed that in the end, the customer accepted your solution and earned us a second chance with him.

It gives the impression you don’t value the topic or discussion.

Desired Outcome

Well done, thank you for listening, being patience and solving the problem. Keep up the good work.

I would encourage you to leave your laptop in your office or at least close it down during the meeting next time.


In high performing organizations the ratio of positive to negative/constructive feedback is 4 or 5 to 1; four or five positive pieces of feedback for every one piece of negative/constructive. Too many pieces of positive feedback and it becomes meaningless, too few and it’s a critical environment. How many leaders give that much feedback and so much in favour of the positive?

Start with giving positive feedback because it builds up the emotional bank account’ as Stephen Covey called it, so when you give negative feedback there’s a balance in the account to make the withdrawal.

Who could you give positive feedback to today?