How to build confidence with confidence coaching

As an executive coach, I offer a wide range of coaching, including confidence coaching. Confidence coaching is one that is frequently sought after, as confidence tends to be the biggest obstacle that most people encounter when facing challenges or change.

I offer confidence coaching both personally and professionally, and in some cases it tends to be a bit of both! Confidence can hold us back, or it can help us soar; here are my thoughts on the importance of confidence and how you can build yours.

One important thing to remember is that confidence is all in the mind. It is not in your yearly review, your results, your failures or your successes, it is in you! This means that you have the power to control it, and to navigate how it controls you.

We can build on our confidence by looking at our past experiences in a positive light, and by choosing to feel good about our achievements, and even our failures. This is not easy, but by learning to do this, you will learn how to become a more confident person.

By taking a look at your sense of self, and how you feel about the way you work can determine how confident you are. Through confidence coaching at DIRECTions Coaching London, we look at what you want in life, and how to get it. If you are unsure and feeling lost, Anne will help you work it all out. Then, by creating an action plan, Anne helps every step of the way throughout your course of confidence coaching until you are ready to continue on by yourself.

If you struggle with your confidence, would like to improve your confidence or want to learn how to project outer confidence, then confidence coaching in London could help you. Resident DIRECTions coach Anne Taylor has the skills and experience to help you become who you want to be, both personally and professionally. For more information or an informal chat with Anne please call 02031516830 or send an email to