49-4-49 – The Full List!

You asked for it, so here it is, the full list of activities from my recent 49-4-49 project. For those who do not know, the 49-4-49 project was to do 49 fun activities over one year, starting on my 49th birthday and ending before my 50th birthday last April. The project was a blast, and it encouraged me to make the most of London and all the great experiences it has to offer. The most important object of the project was to have fun, to feed my curiosity and explore life outside of my comfort zone, and as you can see from the list below, I certainly did!

The List

Visit Highgate area of London

See the play ONCE

See the play JERSEY BOYS

Go to Ste Anne’s Spa in Canada

Climb the Monument in the city

Donate blood for the first time in England

Visit WALES for the first time

Hike in Cornwall

Enjoy brunch at the Waffle House

Wander the village of St Albans

Go to Aqua Bar (outdoor bar terrace in Central London)

Volunteer to plant ceramic poppies at the Tower of London

Visit the Greek Island of Paros

Tour Athens

Take a cookery course

Do a trapeze class

Vacation at the Amalfi Coast

Tour Pompeii

Go to the island of Capri

Walk the SHINE marathon

Amuse myself at Thorpe Park (it’s an amusement park)

Visit Tunbridge Wells

Take an ice skating lesson

Enjoy Bryan Adams concert

Eat at NOBU Mayfair

Enjoy a pint at the Punch Bowl

Have tea at the Top 10 tea rooms in London

Visit Somerset House (with Christmas lights and ice skating rink)

Enjoy La Soiree

Visit the Museum of Brands, Advertising and Packaging

See The Art of The Brick

Stroll Maltby Street

See the Book of Mormon

Go Horseback riding

Attend a masquerade party

Visit the London Silver Vaults

Play ping pong at Bounce

Eat at Ottolengi

Take a London Coach workshop

Visit Blackheath

Take a clay pigeon shooting lesson

Do a French bread making course

See BILLY ELLIOT (and got to stand on stage afterwards)

Take an improv comedy course

Do a beef butchery class

Move into my new flat

Climb the O2 arena

Take a cable car across The Thames

Tour the Globe theatre

I hope my list encourages you to make your own list. Good luck!

Anne Taylor is an executive coach in London at DIRECTions Coaching. To improve your life at home and at work, contact Anne now.