How to be a more successful person

One of the questions my clients often ask me is, ‘how can I become more successful?’ Whether we are CEOs, executives or graduates, we all want to succeed in what we do. As an executive and individual coach in London, I have worked with successful people under many circumstances and many successful people share particular traits. Here are some of my tips for being a successful person in both our personal and professional lives.  

Be nice – to those above and below you

This is probably the most important part of becoming successful. Though being nice alone will not gain you a promotion, or win you a new client, being nice to those who are professionally above and below your position on the career ladder is important. People will remember kindness, particularly when sometimes there isn’t much of it going around!

Focus and stay busy

Those who manage their days to include as many productive activities are more likely to be more successful than those who procrastinate or those who frequently put things off. By ensuring you focus on tasks and keep yourself busy you will force yourself to work harder.

Be able to take criticism

It can be hard not to be offended by criticism sometimes, but bear in mind that not all criticism is bad. Some people may not like the way you work or the product you have designed, but sometimes people give criticism to help you. By listening to what others have to say, taking it on board and considering it, you will learn how to recognise the helpful criticism and how to improve.

Be Yourself

Have you ever pretended to be someone you aren’t? How did it make you feel? Being successful can be subjective, and you will only truly be successful if YOU feel like you are a success. What works for a colleague or a competitor may not work for you, so be yourself. As Oscar Wilde said, ‘Be yourself; everyone else is already taken’.

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