Keeping track of your accomplishments

10th July 2015 – 

A common trait I have found whilst coaching in London is that many of us frequently self-deprecate, or play down our achievements. A consequence of this is that through self-deprecation, we undervalue ourselves, and are excessively modest about our successes.

While humility is certainly an admirable trait, I have recently been thinking about whether it’s possible to have too much of it. In working with many clients who have previously struggled with confidence or leadership skills, for example, it has become apparent that some are reticent towards realising their own worth.

Though this hesitation often stems from a lack of confidence, there are ways of ensuring that we’re not underestimating our capabilities.

One method of doing this is by keeping a log of personal and professional achievements. Whether this comes in the form of a journal or through post-it notes doesn’t really matter – anything that allows you to detail your accomplishments is sufficient.

The benefits of documenting these are vast. For one it helps to gain clarity of where you currently are and what you have done. This in turn can assist you in identifying which path you would like to go down, as well as offering encouragement that such goals can be met – you have, after all, got recorded information at hand of previous triumphs.

I believe that the beauty of this is that what we define as ‘success’ varies from person to person. Though your measure of success may be different from oothers, it is crucially important to remember that we are the only ones in full control of our own lives. You can define your own success. 

My London-based coaching largely centres around this idea – we all have the key to our own happiness, and it is my job to aid you in locating it. 

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